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15 Kitchen Shelves Ideas

Kitchen shelves for dishes are a valuable addition to every kitchen and an important element of the decor. Shelves for dishes are ideal for storing the kitchen cutlery with which the working desktop will always be nicely arranged. The best is for the shelves to be placed near the sink, for easy access to the dishes. Usually, these shelves are made of wood and mounted on the wall as a separate item or as an integral part of the kitchen. Please take a look at our choice of kitchen shelves and be inspired.

Kitchen Shelves for dishes

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open kitchen shelving

floating shelves in the kitchen

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wall mounted kitchen shelves

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wall mounted kitchen shelves 1

kitchen shelving ideas

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kitchen shelving ideas 1

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Kitchen shelves 9

Kitchen shelves 10

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Kitchen shelves 11

Kitchen shelves 12

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Kitchen shelves 14

Kitchen shelves 15

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