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How to Decorate a Birthday Room

Birthday is an important holiday for every person, so everyone wants this day to be well and remembered for life. Every person on his/her birthday wants to feel the holiday, happiness, and comfort. In most cases, guests on this holiday take only one room, however, the apartment or house reigns in the festive spirit, and should decorate all its premises. It is also very important that guests do not feel uncomfortable.

Tonight, theme parties are gaining popularity. The main idea of such holidays is to maintain a uniform style while building on a certain theme. These can be stories from various movies, TV series, cartoons, seasons, etc. In addition, many people prefer to observe a certain color gamut. To create a truly magical atmosphere it is necessary to follow certain rules. You can familiarize yourself with Home Decor Photos to inspire ideas.

Top tips

1. Select a topic
Often the theme of the party is chosen seasonally. You can choose one of the seasons or combine several and decorate the room according to it. If you decide to stick to the summer theme, you can use saturated shades, beach attributes, tropical elements, etc. If the choice falls on the winter season, you can create the atmosphere of a winter fairy tale, using snowflakes, tinsel, lights, artificial snow, etc. The spring theme fits fresh flowers and the predominance of shades of green in the interior. If you want to stick to the autumn mood, it is better to give preference to shades of red and orange.

Equally popular are parties in the style of a certain historical era. Guests will be delighted if you recreate the atmosphere of the past and travel with them through the ages. You can go back to the 60s, for this room can be decorated as a snack bar. The most popular are parties in the style of the 80-90s. Disco music and bright neon colors are all that are needed to recreate the atmosphere of those times.

To ensure that guests of the celebration were as involved as possible in the festive atmosphere, you can organize an interactive space. You need to choose a class that will please both you and your guests. It can be a tea ceremony, a cocktail party, a master class, a spa party, a nail bar, etc.

Choosing a good theme for the celebration is enough to take into account your personal preferences, as well as the preferences of guests. Then the holiday will leave only positive impressions.

2. Select the scenery
When you decide on the theme of the celebration you need to choose the appropriate decor. Today, the choice of jewelry is large enough, so everyone can choose something interesting for themselves. It is important to choose a decor that will match the interior of the room. In addition, you should take care of the decor of the holiday table, chairs and pick up good lighting.

3. Consider every detail
Organizing a holiday should take care of every detail so that the party is as thoughtful as possible and corresponds to the given topic. You need to take care of the availability of drinks and treats, come up with entertainment, organize a photo zone and more. In this way, the desired atmosphere can be achieved.

Decorative items
Many accessories are designed for festive decoration. It is important to combine them successfully to achieve the desired result. Of course, this is not the whole list of attributes, only the most popular. You can not stop only on standard holiday decorations, and buy such interesting items of decor, such as stands for bottles, candlesticks, napkins in the form of rings, candles, and original trays. The main thing to remember is that the selected decorations should be not only bright and beautiful but also perfectly compatible with the overall interior design of the room.

1. Balloons
Balls are the most popular type of decoration. Without them, there would be any holiday. You can buy finished compositions using the services of professional designers or buy a cylinder with helium to create the compositions yourself. From the balls, you can make a variety of shapes based on the theme of your event. They can be scattered around the room or run to the ceiling. To the balls tied ribbons and serpentine, so they look more festive and solemn. You can combine balloons of different shapes and sizes, so they will look more creative.

2. Garlands
Paper garlands look great on holidays. You can buy or make them with your own hands from colored or corrugated paper. Garlands can be both neutral and themed. For example, with images of cartoon characters. To combine garlands well with the theme of the holiday, you can make invitations in the same style. In this way, you will not only demonstrate your aesthetic taste but also use the material rationally.

3. Figures
The decor of the birthday can not do without elegant figures corresponding to the age of the birthday boy. For example, you can make numbers of cardboard and decorate them with colored paper. Also popular balloons in the form of numbers.

4. Posters
Inscriptions and stretch marks on the wall can be bought in the store, or you can make them with your own hands. This will need colored paper and felt pens. On individual sheets, you can write letters, and then connect them and hang them on the wall with a thread or line. This may be the name of the person of celebration, pleasant wishes for the holiday, or welcoming words for the guests.

5. Pom-poms
Bright and fluffy pom-poms made of paper will instantly give the festive room an elegant look. Unlike balloons, such pompoms never burst over your head, and they look quite stylish. They can be easily made with their own hands using sheets of colored paper, scissors, and thread.

When decorating a room for your birthday, it is important to rely on your preferences and adhere to the elementary rules of design. The main task is to create a comfortable and atmospheric space for both you and your guests. A little fantasy and your space will play with new colors. Such a holiday will be remembered by you and your guests for a long time.

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