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Modern kitchen lighting ideas

The lighting in the kitchen is one of the most important elements of the interior. Because, to be happy in food preparation, lighting needs, in front of all, to be functional and quality. For cozy lighting in the kitchen, applies the same rules as to the rest rooms in the home – the light must be varied and to come from different sources. Most kitchens have a central light, which is not practical because it doesn’t throw enough light on the working surfaces. The top kitchen elements obscure the light and at the same time, we create a shadow when we stand. Therefore, for the kitchen is recommended in addition to the central lightening, wall mounted and lights mounted in the upper kitchen elements. For your inspiration, take a look the gallery below.

Lighting over kitchen table

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modern kitchen lighting

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modern kitchen island lighting

Image creditmodern pendant lighting for kitchen island

Image credit lighting above kitchen table

Image credit kitchen island lighting

Image credit black pendant lights for kitchen island

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black kitchen pendant lights

Image creditkitchen lighting design

Image credit kitchen hanging lights over table

Image credit hanging kitchen lights

Image credit hanging lights over kitchen island

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pendant kitchen lights over kitchen island

Image creditkitchen table lighting

Image credit kitchen lights over island

Image credit kitchen lighting

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