Sleeping under the stars – Bedroom skylight ideas

Bedroom, private space for rest and relaxation. An area in which it is important to feel comfortable. Just imagine a big bed, view on the stars and without disturbing irritating street lamps. Take a look these inspirational examples and use them to decorate your bedroom.

Bedroom skylight ideas

Image creditbedroom skylight

 Image creditattic bedroom

 Image creditbedroom skylight 1

 Image creditskylight in bedroom too bright

 Image creditbedroom skylight 2

 Image creditskylight in bedroom too bright 1

 Image creditattic bedroom 1

 Image creditbedroom skylight 3

 Image creditbedroom skylight 4

 Image creditBedroom skylight ideas 1

 Image creditBedroom skylight ideas 2

 Image creditbedroom skylight 5

 Image creditBedroom skylight ideas 3

 Image creditskylight in bedroom too bright 2

 Image creditattic bedroom 2

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