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Modern dining room lighting

One of the essential elements in design of the kitchen and dining room, among other things, is lightening. It decisively influences the atmosphere in the room and makes it pleasant,…

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Console table in home design

Console table is a decorative piece of furniture that is used to ennoble the modern home interior and add interesting look as well functionality. This table can be set in…

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Terrazzo interior design

Terrazzo thanks to its colorful look and elegance, it is a popular interior decor trend. Is made of cement and small multicolored pieces of marble or other natural stone. It’s…

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Neon sign home decor

They easily paint a smile on our face, give character to every minimalist space and day after day remind us that we can, that we are GIRLBOSS or that we…

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Bedroom with Sliding Glass Doors

Modern lifestyles more often mean living in smaller residential units whose decorating requires functionality, flexibility, but also satisfying of the aesthetic and usable requirements of the household members.The decor of…

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Rustic kitchen designs

The rustic kitchen is for tradition lovers. They are warm and still breathe in some past times. They are stylishly adaptable and can fit well together with modern interiors. With its…

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Adjustable laptop table stand

Human fantasy has no end. See what creative people are done, we present you a gallery of ingenious laptop tables. Image credit  Image credit  Image credit image credit  Image credit…

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Valentine’s day mason jar ideas

Valentine’s Day, a day filled with romance and love. Although, to your beloved showing each day how much you love them and how much you care about them, yet it…

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Valentine kitchen decor

Valentine day it’s getting closer, and if you plan to spend romantic moments in your kitchen with your partner, consider is it your room at the height of the task. Take…

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Rustic Valentine decor ideas

Home decorating for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated, and even the slightest detail can bring perfect, in love atmosphere that your home needs to radiate, if not every…

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Zen style bathroom

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the living room is the oasis of socializing, in the bedroom we spend a third of our life, and the bathroom is…

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Kitchen breakfast bar by the window

As we spend a lot of time in the kitchen area, let’s make this space of our home modern. Kitchen elements are the essential item in the kitchen. In this…

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