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5 Signs Your Home’s Foundation Needs Repairs

If your home’s foundation goes, you can kiss your entire house goodbye. Here are five telltale signs that your home foundation may need repairs.
Damaged foundations are very common. The cost can range based on the damage that needs repairing. The average cost to repair a foundation is between $2,000 and 9,000. Most homeowners will need to repair their home foundation at some point. A damaged foundation can ruin the value of a home. Home foundation work is difficult to do on your own. It can require that the entire house be lifted off of the foundation. Foundation repair services use specialized tools to repair your foundation. Cracks are common and can be harmless. Knowing when to hire a professional to repair your home foundation is important.

Doors Not Closing Properly

One of the first signs that your foundation may need repair. A damaged foundation can make doors not shut properly. If a door that has always worked shows signs of sticking or becomes difficult to open, you should inspect your foundation. This could be something that isn’t serious. In some areas, the ground will swell and move as the season’s change. This can be because of the soil type your home is built on. It could also be a sign of changes in the groundwater. Whatever the cause, make sure that your foundation is showing no visible signs of damage. Foundation damage can also cause windows to stick. If doors and windows on multiple sides of the house are becoming difficult to operate, the foundation is usually the cause. Keep a careful eye on changes with both doors and windows.

Floors That Seem Feel Sloped

If your floor is sloping, it can be a sign of significant foundation damage. Sloping floors often occur when part of a foundation is not holding up the weight of a home. This causes the weight of walls and ceiling to settle on the floor itself. It is not always easy to determine if your floor is sloping. Using a level can be very helpful. Trust your instincts. Our bodies are good at determining when we are walking on a slope. Sloping floors can make you feel like you are having difficulty getting your balance. A visual cue to pay close attention to is the floor pulling away from the wall. If a gap develops between the floor and the wall there could be other causes. Sometimes broken floor support can cause this to develop. If you are not comfortable inspecting the floor yourself, contact a professional.

Monitor Wallpaper and Drywall

If you notice new creases appearing in your wallpaper, it can mean your home foundation is not stable. This can also manifest as cracks in drywall. The sudden appearance of damage can mean you need to act fast. You may also notice nails pulling away from the wall. If this happens, there will be a small circle where the nail used to be. The nail may still be in there but loose. Check around picture frames and other hung objects to determine if this is happening in your home. Since drywall and wallpaper are easily damaged, they can be an early warning system. Addressing damage to your foundation quickly can reduce the cost. Any gaps around walls, floors, and ceiling should be looked at carefully.

Your Home Foundation May Be Sinking

When you walk around the outside of your home pay attention to the foundation. A sinking home foundation is very visible on the corners. If the damage is severe enough, the walls may separate from the foundation. This is easy to spot visual cue. A sinking foundation requires extensive repair. You should immediately contact a foundation repair service. The foundation can continue to sink. This will only increase the damage to your home. A sinking foundation will often be visible inside. It is both a symptom and a problem itself. Other warning signs are common with a sinking foundation. Ground-based disturbances can also cause your foundation to sink. If you live in an area that experiences infrequent earthquakes, this can be a leading cause of foundation damage. Foundations in earthquake-prone areas are built differently to absorb this damage.

Basement Walls Showing a Bulge or Bowing

If your home has a basement, inspect the walls. Basement walls can exhibit significant bowing. This is a sign that significant home foundation repair is needed. Basement walls that are buckling will often appear to have a bulge in the middle. If a basement wall collapses, it will cause catastrophic structural damage. Failing to get your foundation fixed could lead to extensive rebuilding. If the damage to your foundation is significant enough, you may even have to demolish the house. This foundation damage requires that the wall be rebuilt in most cases. If you need a basement wall rebuilt seek immediate professional help. Your home will have to be lifted via jacks to effect a repair.

There Are Many Signs of Foundation Problems

Foundations are the most important structural component of your home, but they can be easy to forget about. This list is far from all-inclusive. Paying close attention to your home and its condition is vital to protecting yourself from foundation damage. Any type of sudden or unexplained change in the structure of your house can be a prelude to a more expensive problem. If you have any questions consult with a professional that specializes in home foundation repair.

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