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How to keep vegetables fresh

There is nothing more irritable than to see how fruits and vegetables that you bought the day before are dried or rotten before you get to eat them. No matter how tempting and beautiful these apples are on the shelf in the store, don’t buy too much at a time, unless you don’t expect to eat them immediately because it will quickly lose the freshness and crunchiness.
There are a few tricks that will surely prolong the lifetime of fresh foods.

carrots into a plastic container
Cut off the peaks and pack the carrots into a plastic container with a cover and plenty of moisture, and leave them in the fridge.
Place celery stems in a shallow bowl in which you have a little water. You can keep it at room temperature or refrigerator.
To keep them fresh, wrap the zucchini in a cotton cloth and leave it on the kitchen table. If you don’t plan to cook them in the next couple of days, store them in the fridge.
The longest will last if you leave it on the kitchen table, it doesn’t have to be wrapped up, put in a bag or a plastic container. It is very important that you wash it before you use it, not before.
As with the carrot, it is necessary to cut off the peaks, then put it in a plastic container without cover, cover it with a cloth and save it in the fridge.
Red onion, white bow
Keep them in a dark and cold place.
Never leave tomatoes in the fridge because it completely changes the taste and is not comfortable for eating. Store it at room temperature and don’t overdo with the quantities you are buying.
Peppers can also be stored on the work table in the kitchen or in the fridge in the vegetable box. It is very important the peppers to not come in contact with moisture.

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