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How to Remove a Large Tree Stump: 5 Top Tree Tips

Is a large tree stump causing problems for you? Are you wondering how to remove a large tree stump? Our guide has you covered.

Do you have a stubborn tree stump that needs to be gone? Sure, the tree is gone, but the more difficult part is removing the stump. There are many different ways to approach tree stump removal, so we are going over a few different techniques on what you need to do. If your tree stump is causing problems for you, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we are showing you the best guide on tree stump removal.

How to Remove a large Tree Stump Manually

This is the most basic method of removing a tree stump. You’ll need the following items below.

  • Steel Digging Bar
  • Ax
  • Large bow Saw
  • Mattock
  • Shovel

Use a shovel and a mattock to dig around the stump. Loosen the dirt and clear as much soil until you reach the roots. Chop away at the roots and use your small bow saw to sever them into small pieces. Using a digging bar will help speed the process up to get to the roots. Once you have enough of the roots chopped away, This should loosen the stump up. Use your ax and start striking the stump and clear as much of the stump as you can. Remember always to wear proper protective wear such as glasses, gloves, and steel toe boots before you start this process.

Removing a Tree Stump Chemically

An alternative method is by using chemicals to remove the tree stump. To use this method, you’ll need the following.

  • Ax
  • Chain Saw or bow saw
  • Potassium-Nitrate Tree Stump Remover
  • Drill
  • Mulch

You’ll need to cut the tree stump down as close to the ground as possible using a bow saw or chain saw. Then, you’ll need to drill some holes into the stump in numerous places throughout the surface. Use wide drill bits. The wider the holes, the easier the result will be. Fill the gaps with your potassium-nitrate tree stump removal granules. Once you do that, soak the area with water and cover it with a tarp. Cover the tarp with an organic mulch and wet the mulch. Over the next few days to a couple of weeks, periodically water the area. The goal is for the stump to complete rot away, making removal easy.

Removing a Tree Stump by Burning It

Use a chain saw or an ax to cut a hashtag shape onto the surface of the tree stump surface. Add some extra wood and other combustibles around to start a fire. It’s best to add a border around the tree stump, such as the bottom half of a 55-gallon barrel, so you can control the burn easier. When your fire is going, wait until the fire turns into smoldering ash on the surface. Once the fire goes out, chip away at the stump and remove it in pieces.

Which is the Best Way to Remove a Tree Stump

So what is the best way on how to remove a tree stump? This question depends on what you feel comfortable doing and the availability of tools. Whichever method you choose, always remember to use protective gear and be safe. If You’re still having trouble removing your stump, All Tree and Stump Works might be a viable option for you.

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  1. Thanks for the tip that using mulch can help fill he space where a tree used to be. I’m planning to get a tree removal services soon because I’m thinking about getting some fences installed around my property. Getting my tree removed would lessen the obstructions for that project.

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